Climber by Liz Harvey

Climber by Liz Harvey


I focus on biodiversity and plant species extinction as well as a variety of concepts that may be sidestepped by mainstream culture. I envision the resurgence of these plants in an imagined future in which conservation methods succeed, bringing together species into one imagined vine thriving in an urban environment.


Plastic, metal, waterproof cord, mesh/fabric
96" x 60" x 36"

The Artist

Elizabeth Harvey works in sculpture, drawing, printmaking and performance, drawing on craft processes, particularly "women's handiwork," and has shown in numerous exhibitions in California as well as in New York and Italy. She has shown her work in galleries, museums, and alternative spaces, including national parks, a river, and an arroyo. She recieved an MFA from California State University Long Beach and is a recipient of awards from the California Arts Council and the Peninsula Artists Fund. Harvey lives and works in Alameda, CA.