Delight in Green by Danielle Foushee

Delight in Green by Danielle Foushee


My two loves — public lands and public art — share a variety of common features. My creative practice lives in the overlapping spaces between them. The science of color theory is on full display as the sun shines through two acrylic colors to create a third color on the ground.


Steel, acrylic
156" x 36" x 72"

The Artist

Danielle Foushée received her first MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she took an interest in design activism and the effects of media on personal sovereignty. This interest evolved over time into a quest to improve the lives of everyday citizens through public art and environmental design. To facilitate this shift in focus, she is completing a second MFA at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design is from N.C. State University. Danielle's research and creative projects involve public art, place-making, strategic city-branding, and biophilia. Projects include commissions from Storefronts Seattle at Amazon Headquarters, Seattle City Parks, and the City of Bellevue, Washington. She serves nearly a million citizens as an appointed member of the Snohomish County Arts Commission, advising the county on public art projects, developing programming, building partnerships, and advocating for community participation in the arts.She will be joining the faculty at The Design School, Arizona State University, as Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design in the fall of 2016.