Nebula by James Ellingboe

Nebula by James Ellingboe


I am inspired by math, science, and the natural world such as nebulous cloud formations in space. My hope is to pique environmental interest and curiosity in what is becoming an increasingly homogeneous and lifeless built environment.


Cor-ten steel, industrial alkyd enamel, distressed finish
52" x 64" x 24"

The Artist

James Ellingboe is an emerging artist with extensive experience in giving form to the built environment. He recieved his Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. Recently he has committed himself solely to artistic expression through sculpture. His sculptural works are primarily direct in nature and are often abstract manifestations inspired by math, science, and his life experience with the natural world. He often looks to the human body at the cellular and molecular level as an artistic muse. In all of his works, James seeks to imbue the philosophy of Christopher Alexander's "Phenomenon of Life" which he was introduced to as an undergraduate. He considers himself to be both self-taught in the discipline of sculpture, and educated by the fellow artists he works and studies with at the Pratt Fine Arts Center.