Sylvanic Eco-Stalk Awakening by Brian Narus

Sylvanic Eco-Stalk Awakening by Brian Narus


Columns, posts, and obelisks; the vertical form has been used throughout time and across cultures to commemorate, chronicle, celebrate and memorialize people and events. The ubiquity of the form has led me to use it to recognize the sustainability of wood and simultaneously memorialize the very trees used in the creation of the pieces.


Oriented strand board and acrylic gel
54" x 18" x 18"

The Artist

Brian Narus earned a BFA from Colorado State University and has been creating sculpture for 15 years. He previously worked as a professional wood worker, pottery instructor and a high school art teacher. He resides on Washington's Kitsap Peninsula with his wife, Angie and pets: a Shiba Inu dog, Suki and a Bengal cat (not a tiger) , Addy. When not creating art Narus enjoys sea kayaking, hiking and simply visiting new places and seeing new things.