Truth by David Middlebrook

Truth by David Middlebrook


"The truth will either drag you or draw you." That was said to me as a little boy and it always stuck. In 2008, I spent one month in Bangkok and watched thousands of Buddhists carryout daily tasks of great struggle with much joy. This piece and its stark simplicity were inspired by this observation. The push/pull tension of unexplained forces in the human spirit that defy logic fascinates and gives me hope.


Cast aluminum and ceramic painted bronze

28" x 40" x 17"

The Artist

David Middlebrook is an artist who traces his roots to ceramics and who has evolved to become a professional sculptor specializing in site-specific work, public and private commissions, and smaller sculptural elements. He was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan and went on to earn his M.F.A from the University of Iowa in 1970. He burst into the art world and quickly became an inspiring pioneer in a ceramic art movement that was gaining momentum in the late 1970's. He accepted a teaching position at San Jose State University in 1974, relocated to California and has maintained a studio in the hills of south bays Los Gatos ever since.