Sumatran Tiger

Wellington Zoo’s Tigers are called Rokan and Senja.

Sumatran Tiger information

Smallest Tigers

Sumatran Tigers are the smallest tigers (Siberian Tigers are the biggest). The Sumatran Tiger's small size makes it easy for them to move through the thick jungles and forests of their island home.

Can you spot a Tiger?

Despite being orange, our Tigers' stripes act as camouflage and can make them tricky to spot. Senja loves sleeping in the sun on top of her cave, or lazing in the long grass towards the rear of her exhibit.

Cool characters

If you see Senja walking around, notice how silently she moves – this makes her an excellent hunter! She also has a powerful body and big jaws. Tigers can jump horizontally up to 8 metres.

Help Tigers

Sumatran Tigers are critically endangered with only around 400 remaining in the wild. Their main threat in the wild is loss of their natural forest habitat. You can help protect the natural environment of the Sumatran Tiger by choosing to buy FSC certified wood and paper products.

21st Century Tiger

Wellington Zoo supports Tiger conservation through 21st Century Tiger, an organisation where 100% of money raised goes directly to conservation projects in Tigers' wild habitats.

IUCN Conservation Status

Critically Endangered