Sun Bears

Wellington Zoo’s Malayan Sun Bears are Sean and his daughter Sasa.

Malayan Sun Bear information

Which bear?

Sean is larger and he has a missing tooth. His chest marking is a wide V shape and solid orange. Sasa is smaller; her chest marking is a complete circle and has small black dots amongst the orange fur.


Sean came to Wellington Zoo via Perth Zoo where he was sent after being rescued by Free the Bears. He was rescued from Cambodia, where he was being kept as a pet.


Sasa was born here in 2006, to Sean and Chomel. We were the first Zoo in Australasia to successfully breed Malayan Sun Bears with three cubs born here. Sasa was the third.

What do they eat?

Sun bears are omnivores that eat a wide variety of insects, fruit, veges etc.

Free the Bears

Wellington Zoo works with Free the Bears, an organisation in South East Asia that rescues bears from mistreatment. We support them by offering funding, animal care expertise and helping them to develop educational programmes in Cambodia and Vietnam.

IUCN Conservation Status


Sun Bear Photos

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Sun Bear Video

Wellington Zoo visits Phnom Tamao Sanctuary in Cambodia.

Wellington Zoo visits Phnom Tamao Sanctuary in Cambodia.