Red Panda

At Wellington Zoo we have three Red Pandas. Female Amy and males Ishah and Manasa.

Red Panda Information

How to spot a Red Panda

Keep an eye out up in the trees. Red Pandas spend a lot of their days sleeping high up in the branches. They are crepuscular (this means they are most active at dawn and dusk) so the best time to spot them out and about in their exhibit is early in the morning and later in the day. They are also fairly active around feeding time!

Breeding programmes

At Wellington Zoo we are part of an international breeding programme for Red Pandas. Red Pandas born here have been sent to Zoos in America and England to ensure the genetic diversity of Red Pandas. What makes our success in breeding Red Pandas more remarkable is that Red Pandas are only in season for one day per year!

IUCN conservation status


Red Panda Encounter Video

Red Panda Photos

Red Panda Encounter Photos