Ngāraratuatara Cooking Pool

Ngāraratuatara Cooking Pool

Ngāraratuatara hot pool is used for both cooking and blanching flax, receiving its name from the tuatara eye it resembles.

Hints and Tips:

• Ngāraratuatara Cooking Pool is boiling hot so for your safety, please remain behind the fence
• You can experience how our people utilised the natural geothermal waters of Ngāraratuatara Cooking Pool for cooking food such as corn, eggs, seafood and many other delicacies – please enquire at Admissions

About Ngāraratuatara Pool

Many of the hot pools you see around Te Whakarewarewa Valley were used by our ancestors to cook their kai (food).

Kete (woven baskets) were filled with delicacies including meat, fish, kumara, potatoes, watercress and sweetcorn, and lowered into the pool to simmer to perfection.

Did you know?

• The tuatara is the only species still alive that walked the earth alongside dinosaurs.

• The sex of a tuatara depends on the temperature of the soil the egg lays in. The warmer it is, the more likely it'll be a male and the cooler it is, the more likely it'll be a female.