8. Tree of Life | Homeless Remembrance Project

8. Tree of Life | Homeless Remembrance Project

The Tree of Life by Clark Weigman in Victor Steinbrueck Park is a sculpture created in recognition of Seattle's homeless population.

Where Is It?

The "Tree of Life" is located at the far northwest end of Victor Steinbrueck Park, just off of Western Avenue.


Victor Steinbrueck Park, north of Pike Place Market
Western Ave & Virginia St
Seattle, WA 98121, USA

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About Tree of Life

The "Tree of Life," made of stainless steel and tempered glass, is a part of the Homeless Remembrance Project, a collaborative effort of homeless women, faith community leaders, designers, artists, social service providers, and other friends. They have worked to create places of hope, healing, and beauty to honor and remember homeless people who have died in King County.

About Leave of Remembrance

Leaves of Remembrance carry names of homeless men and women who have died, so that every person will have a place where they can be remembered.

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More Work by This Artist

Clark Wiegman has created numerous public artworks sited all over the United States, including plaza and transit center design, earthworks, water features, landmarks and illuminations. To learn more about Clark Wiegman's work in this region, please visit "Connected Stories" below.