7. Totem Pole, 1984

7. Totem Pole, 1984

Jim Bender, carver and designer, in concert with Marvin Oliver, created this totem pole inspired by Northwest Haida designs.

Where Is It?

"Totem Pole" is the pole on the far northwest end of Victor Steinbrueck Park. It stands in front of the second panel of "Untitled Fence."


Victor Steinbrueck Park, north of Pike Place Market
Western Ave & Virginia St
Seattle, WA 98121, USA

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About Totem Pole

This traditional style pole was designed and carved by Jim Bender based on the original concept by Marvin Oliver (Quinault-Isleta Pueblo). Oliver selected the trees from Skagit National Forest. The totem pole depicts not a prescribed legend, but rather symbolic figures with possible interpretations: Raven holding a Salish woman's spinning whorl (light and hope), Human holding a potlatch copper (prosperity), Little Human the messenger (communication between people and with nature), Killer Whale or Blackfish (good luck and abundance), Little Raven (energy) and Bear holding a hawk (strength).

Funding Source

Department of Parks and Recreation and the former Department of Community Development as part of a Federal Urban Renewal Project

Office of Arts & Culture | Seattle

Seattle was one of the first cities in the United States to adopt a percent-for-art ordinance in 1973. For 40 years, our public art program has been integrating artworks and the ideas of artists into a variety of public settings, advancing Seattle's reputation as a cultural center for innovation and creativity.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Facing "Totem Pole," turn to your right and follow the sidewalk until the "Tree of Life" is on your right and Western Avenue is in front of you. Turn into the little space carved out for "Tree of Life."