4. High Stall Historic Produce Signs

4. High Stall Historic Produce Signs

Five sets of distinctive hand-painted wood commercial signs, circa 1950s.

Where Are They?

The "High Stall Historic Produce Signs" are located overhead, above the inside High Stalls (covered stalls) on Pike Place Market's street level.


Pike Place Market
1st Avenue & Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101, USA

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A Little History

These colorful, visually striking produce signs above the High Stalls (the covered stalls) in the Main Arcade are significant historical features of the Market. The Goodwin Real Estate Company constructed the Fairley Building (where the Main Arcade is located) the year the Market opened in 1907 and was the first food marketing building built for that purpose. As public demand for fresh goods at a reasonable price grew, the market was expanded in 1911, 1914, and 1922.

Signage Dates

An exact year for the installation of the produce signs with their numbered arcade classification and traditional fruit and vegetable motifs is unknown. Given the materials, style of lettering, and design, they appear to date from the early 1950s. In 2013, Friends of the Market led a successful effort to repair and restore the signs ensuring these distinctive hand-painted signs would survive as part of the Market's history and unique character.

Fun Fact

During the restoration process the name of the original sign painter was discovered. The name "Corey Sign" is stenciled on the back of one of the signs. An article was found in the Seattle Times, dated May 9, 1960, about Justin Corey, founder of J.C. Corey Sign Co. He was retiring at 83, after 57 years in business. These signs must have been some of his last work. The stencil was found by the 2013 sign restorer, Paul Affolter, owner of Zepplin Studio. The Market is indebted to Mr. Affolter for his extraordinary job of preserving these signs for future generations.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Keep walking through the stalls, enjoying the many different arts, crafts, flowers, and food as you pass. When you reach the end of the covered stalls, keep walking straight until you reach the end of the sidewalk. Turn left and go through the crosswalk at Western Ave & Virginia St to Victor Steinbrueck Park. Go left and then take the first right. Walk until you reach the "Farmer's Pole," directly ahead of you.