12. Seattle Justice Center

12. Seattle Justice Center

A key part of the City of Seattle, the Seattle Justice Center houses both the Municipal Court and the Seattle Police Department (SPD).


Seattle Municipal Court
600 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

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Where Is It?

In the lobby of the building.

Learn About Points of View

Points of View, the focal point of the lobby, is a 28-foot tall, granite and bronze sculpture comprised of two conical forms, one suspended over the other and intended to suggest the ongoing dialogue between compassion and justice, natural law and the rule of man, the ideal of the judicial system and the difficulty in creating true balance in society.

The aligned cones are the center for the concentric arcs that spread across the lobby and symbolize the rippling effect of the individual's action on society at large.

Points of View was created by a design team including Pam Beyette, Michael Davis, Norie Sato, and Richard Turner.

Witness & Dilemma, Levels, ...

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Where Is It?

The piece is mounted on the wall in the Seattle Municipal Court's stairwell.

About Witness & Dilemma, Levels, Weights & Measures, 2002

Witness and Dilemma, Levels, Weights and Measures, is a series of 24 bronze sculptures mounted in a grid pattern on a 26-foot architectural plaster wall. Each object challenges the viewer to decipher the meanings of the individual pieces and their relationships among the suite of pieces.

The Artist Design Team was Pam Beyette, Michael Davis, Norie Sato, and Richard Turner.

From the Artists

According to the artists, "Metaphor, rebus and symbol are used to explore ideas of justice in daily life."

Day and Night, 2002

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Where Is It?

Suspended along a 48-foot wall in the jury assembly room.

About Day and Night

Day and Night is comprised of twelve flamed glass, net-like orbs suspended along a wall. The blue, green, and golden orbs float high above the jury room, casting changing shadows on its high west-facing wall. In this artwork, the artist, Anna Skibska, sees the sun as a symbol of truth as it always rises to reveal that which has been hidden.

From the Artist

"The sun and the moon are shared by all people. The sun is a powerful symbol of Truth. It always rises to reveal that hidden by the dark of night. Night represents Justice, equal and fair in her blindness. I hope that Day and Night will create an optimistic atmosphere, and a place in which we can comfortably search for truth and justice."

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Seattle City Hall is directly across the street from the Seattle Justice Center. To get to it, exit out the entrance you came in, turn left, and walk back to the 5th Avenue and James Street intersection. Cross 5th Avenue at the light.