11. King County Parking Garage

11. King County Parking Garage

This parking structure has Michael Spafford's monumental artwork on the exterior and a light work by Bill Fitzgibbons in its pedestrian tunnel.


6th Avenue & Jefferson Street, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Tumbling Figures - Five Stages

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Where Are They?

Tumbling Figures - Five Stages is located on the exterior of the King County Parking Garage stairwell, facing 5th Avenue.

About Tumbling Figures - Five Stages

Michael Spafford's Tumbling Figures - Five Stages hung in the Kingdome stadium for nearly 20 years before being prominently re-sited in Seattle's downtown urban core. In 1979, Spafford was recognized with an Honors Program commission that resulted in Tumbling Figures. The 70 feet high x 10 feet wide artwork was inspired by Greek mythology, warning of the exuberance of youth and the consequences of straying from the middle path. The powerful artwork is now an elegant addition to the expanding King County administration campus, and complements the architecture of the parking facility where it is sited.

King County Public Art Collection (4Culture).

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Where Is It?

Chinook Lights is installed in the passageway leading from 5th Avenue to the parking structure. Enter near the corner of 5th Avenue and Jefferson.

About Chinook Lights

Bill Fitzgibbons’ artwork is located in the pedestrian tunnel that leads from 5th Avenue to the parking above. The computer controlled, low-energy LED lighting brightens this passage way, "painting" the wall with vivid colors and poetic transitions inspired by Seattle rain and Jimi Hendrix guitar riffs. Some of the sequences appear to follow pedestrians with brilliantly colored shadows. At night, the dramatic glow is visible to the street through the tunnel's light well.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Standing with the small glass building of the King County Parking Garage at your back, walk right/northwest up 5th Avenue for about a block and a half, past James Street until you reach the Seattle Justice Center. Enter through the entrance marked, "Municipal Court of Seattle."