08. King County Courthouse

08. King County Courthouse

The historic King County Courthouse has integrated artworks in the 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue lobbies. Visitors must pass through security.


516 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

From These Hills, From These..

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Where Is It?

These murals are in the 3rd Avenue lobby. You will see them after you pass through security.

About From These Hills, From These Waters

Reminiscent of civic spaces created by artists during Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration, Douglas Cooper's depictive murals tell a story of the region's rich character, in graphite on paper over board, with exaggerated perspective and overlapping characters through time.

These artworks are part of the King County Public Art Collection.

Truth Crushed to the Earth...

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Where Is It?

This piece is in the 3rd Avenue lobby, in front of the elevators.

About Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again

Linda Beaumont's marble and terrazzo floor celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as King County's namesake. Along with Cooper's murals, the dynamic works surround from below and all sides, challenging all those entering the courthouse to hold our people, history, and the ideals of Dr. King at heart. The floor layout follows the original 1913 design. These artworks are part of the King County Public Art Collection.

To Get to the Next Piece

Take the elevator to the fourth floor.

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Where Is It?

Linda Beaumont's illuminated glass and bronze artwork, Standing Tall is installed in the 4th floor lobby.

About Standing Tall

This commemorative artwork by artist Linda Beaumont honors beloved Prosecuting Attorney Norm Maleng who served King County from 1979-2007. Standing Tall recognizes the commitment to public service to which Maleng dedicated his life, and acknowledges the service of all King County employees. The artwork takes it's name from one of Maleng's favorite maxims.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Exit the King County Courthouse from the fourth floor lobby onto 4th Avenue. You'll see the King County Administration Building directly across the street. Cross at the 4th Avenue and Jefferson Street intersection to your right so you can see the first art piece on the exterior of the building.