05. Weller Pedestrian Bridge

05. Weller Pedestrian Bridge

"Bridge Between Cultures" is a pedestrian bridge designed by Fernanda D'Agnostino and Valerie Otani.


4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

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Where Is It?

Just past King Street Station, the elevated walkway crosses above the downtown rail lines and King Street Station, and culminates in a stairway to the Station and Qwest Field parking, connecting the International District and historic Pioneer Square.

About the Weller Pedestrian Bridge

The artist team of Fernanda D'Agostino and Valerie Otani incorporated references to transportation and the history and culture of the International District in which it is located. Bridge Between Cultures is both a pedestrian bridge and a metaphorical bridge between the cultural backgrounds of the people passing over it every day on their way to work and events at the Qwest Field below and Safeco Field beyond.

A decorative cut metal screen protects foot traffic from the railway below, allows transparency and serves as the medium for the silhouetted imagery that casts its shadows on the walkway. The artists designed the beautifully integrated lighting for the bridge.

Weller Street Pedestrian Bridge is part of the King County Public Art Collection.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Walk through the bridge until you reach 4th Avenue South and South Weller Street, which is the Gateway to the International District. Turn left and walk up 4th Avenue South until you reach South Washington Street. Cross South Washington Street and 4th Avenue South to reach Fire Station 10.