04. King Street Center

04. King Street Center

Wrought iron gates, a cast glass light fixture and enclosed plaza are featured in this King County office building.


201 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

About the Building

The neighborhood's historic buildings reflect a time when artisans and architects worked together to create memorable, hand-made architectural elements and decorative finishes; incorporating the work of contemporary artists into a new government office building continued that tradition. The artwork at King Street Center is part of the King County Public Art Collection.

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Where Are They?

These are the security gates at the front of the building and the building eyebrow at the top of the building.

About Rainforest Gates

The Rainforest Gates were created by artist team Jean Whitesavage and Nick Lyle. Created out of forged steel and celebrating nature in all its glory, the imagery is taken from plants and animals found in the Pacific Northwest. Forged brackets link the theme to the super mullion structure of the building curtain wall and up to a decorative steel band of deer fern.

Earth, Wind and Water

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Where Are They?

Go through the Rainforest Gates and into the building. The lights are just above the inside entrance, above the lobby, and at the far end of the lobby.

About Earth, Wind and Water - Interior Lobby

In response to the need for interior lighting in the lobby of the Center, artist Maya Radoczy rendered basic, natural elements — wind, water and earth — in luminous cast glass. The three components are sited sequentially beginning with a lighted chandelier in the entry vestibule that draws its imagery from twisted, bowed and blown shapes, and continuing with cast glass ceiling panels representing water and cast glass panels representing eart at the far end of the lobby.

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Where Is It?

Go back out through the main entrance, and turn right twice to go to the back of the building. The Plaza starts where the pavement turns red.

About The Plaza at King Street

Jack Mackie's design for the plaza mimics the aftermath of an earthquake with elements shaken from level. Seating and planter boxes make a calm retreat in the midst of a busy block. The yellow metal fence is modeled on shoreline grasses, and the facade wall leading down to King Street Station is an abstraction of rock walls in the original topography.


King Street Station

A recent historical renovation has restored the waiting room at King Street station to its original elegant spaciousness. Walk down the stairs from the Plaza and enter the street level doors. The lobby and waiting room is to your left. Climb the interior stairs for a look down and a closer view of the plaster ceiling decoration. Exit through the north entrance onto Jackson Street.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Exit the Station and go left through the parking lot towards the stairs. Take the stairs or the elevator up to the Weller Street Pedestrian Bridge.