01. Pioneer Place Park

01. Pioneer Place Park

At the historic heart of Pioneer Square sits this small urban park, adjacent to the wrought iron and glass Pergola with public artworks and seating.


Pioneer Place Park
1st Ave & Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Chief Seattle Bust, 1909

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The bust of Chief Seattle rests over a small standing fountain.

About Chief Seattle Bust, 1909

A bronze bust of Chief Seattle, the city's namesake, tops a multi-tiered fountain marking the northern boundary of Pioneer Square. The sculptor James Wehn, one of the first professional artists based in Seattle, used the only surviving photographic portrait of the leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes as the basis of his original plaster cast. The fountain's base originally had three layers of basins providing drinking water to humans, horses and dogs.

Day/Night, 1991

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Near, and to either side of the bust of Chief Seattle.

About Day/Night

The two enamel-on-steel panels were created by Native American artist Edgar Heap of Birds. The double-sided porcelain panels, entitled Day/Night, feature quotations in both English and Lushootseed (Chief Seattle's native language) from the Chief's famous speech given during the treaty negotiations of 1854, a public address that speaks to the relationship of his people to the earth.

From the Artist

"With the sculpture Day/Night, the theme of the porcelain panels seeks to proclaim that for many transient inter-tribal native people the streets of Seattle are home."

Seattle Totem Pole, 1940

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Where Is It?

The Seattle Totem Pole sits a little further into the park, with the Pergola in its background.

About Seattle Totem Pole

Seattle Totem Pole was created in Alaska in 1940 by native carvers of the Kyan and Kinninook Indian families. The pole was part of a Civilian Conservation Corps project to replace one that had been originally in place there since 1899.

The pole symbolizes three Tlingit Indian legends with figures representative of the Raven Clan. The hero of the legends is located at the top of the totem, while Grandfather Raven, a mythological being known as both a creator and a trickster, forms the pole's base.

Directions to the NEXT STOP

Walk to the Pergola at the corner of the park (at the corner of Yesler Way and 1st Ave South) then head left on 1st Avenue South to South Washington Street and cross South Washington Street at the light. Turn left and walk up S Washington Street for about a half block until you reach Occidental Square on your right.